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Health Benefits of Sunglasses: Going Beyond Fashion

By OmniOptics - July 31, 2012   |   Fashion, Health & Information   |   No Comments

Image Source: Maria Morri

Sunglasses have always been one of those fashion accessories that have always looked cool, no matter what. Of course, there are some people that maybe can not pull off the sunglass look, but it is very rare. But, sunglasses are not just for fashion, they are also highly beneficial to the health of the eyes. 

The history of sunglasses go back all the way to ancient China, and you can bet your britches that they were ...

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St Patrick’s Day – an eyeful of celebrations

By Erin Walsh (OmniOptics) - March 16, 2012   |   Fashion, Other   |   No Comments

This weekend is St. Patrick's Day… We don't really need an excuse to get down the local watering hole, but its definitely a great occasion for it.

First, a condensed history of St Patrick’s Day

It’s in honour of Patrick, a wealthy Roman-British teenager who was kidnapped and sold as a slave in Ireland in the fourth century.

He escaped back to Britain and studied to be a priest.

He felt called back to Ireland as an evangelist. According to ...

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Stand Out From the Crowd With These Top Glasses Styles

By Chris (OmniOptics) - February 25, 2012   |   Fashion, Prescription Glasses   |   No Comments

It's never too late to get a new look, that's why we've created a page of specially selected prescription glasses to help you stand out from the crowd and really turn some heads. Why not try something completely unique and make a statement about the way you look, or simply dare to wear something crazy like it's your last year on Earth.

Here are some great examples of styles that are a little more attention grabbing or just a bit different from your average pair of glasses.

Antares 3006 from SelectSpecs

Antares 3006 feature an unique Australian theme with Kangaroos and the Sydney Oprah House on the clear arms. These frames come in four colour variations. Made from TR-90 plastic, these are an incredibly lightweight and strong material with just enough flexibility to survive substantial day-to-day wear-and-tear, making TR-90 plastic a fantastic material for people who are especially sporty or active.

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